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Welcome to Seattle's ONLY dedicated Firearms Classifieds. You are welcome to list your firearms and related equipment here, without CraigsList-Style Net-Nanny's flagging your post and taking it down. Listings are FREE, but registration is required.

We respect your privacy, and registration information will NOT* be disclosed to any third parties, nor will it be used for unwanted emails. Our site has been reviewed by the ATF (in Seattle) and the Washington Firearms Liscencing board, to insure 100% compliance with Washington State and Federal law. Listing on Seattle Guns Sales is Safe, Secure and Legal.

This does NOT mean the site isn't policed. Listings that are offensive, illegal, or otherwise unwanted will be removed, and the login de-activated. Watch your language, and your ad. Repeated offenders will have their ability to post ads permanently prohibited. Let's keep the postings to actual firearms and related equipment, or, if you have something to trade, that's OK too, but make sure your ad mentions TRADE FOR FIREARM, or it will be removed. If you want to list your old Pickup truck or whatever - go back to Craigslist - that will prove to be better for you.

Of course, hosting a site like this IS NOT Free. This site is paid for by local advertisers. Please visit our sponsors, and mention that you saw their ad on SeattelGunSales.Com. They will appreciate your business, and we'll appreciate the word of mouth!

You talked - We listened!

We've completely removed all the paid upgrades for listing on this site, Starting today, you can list 100% free, No Coupons, no enhanced Features, just 100% simple, free listings with all features available. You now can list your ad, choose any and all enhanced features, at ABSOLUTELY NO COST!

And in response to all the questions? Check our new FAQ for important information!  See ya at the gun show!


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